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本日(二零二零年六月四日)早上,本會懸掛於中央廣場上的的三幅橫額遭到蓄意破壞。據了解,一名人士被學校保安人員發現其於蒙民偉圖書館正門前破壞本會印有「INDEPENDENCE」之橫額,該名保安人員及一名學生即時制止該名人士的破壞行為及禁止其逃離現場。惟當時印有「HONG KONG」及「光復香港 時代革命」之橫額已遭到嚴重破壞。本會將繼續跟進事件,並盡快與校方就處理有關事件作商議,亦同時感激該名學校保安人員和該名學生的義舉。



The Provisional Executive Council of the Education University of Hong Kong Students’ Union’s Condemnation on the Vandalism of the Banners
Earlier this morning (4th June 2020), the three banners we erected in the Central Plaza were deliberately vandalized. According to our knowledge, a security guard of the Estate Office caught the vandalizer red-handed on the scene when that person was vandalizing the banner with the word “INDEPENDENCE”. The said security guard and one of the student passing by immediately stopped the vandalizer’s actions and contained the vandalizer from leaving the scene. This Council will continue to follow the incident and to discuss with the University as soon as possible. We also thank the effort of the said security guard and the student who righteously stood up.
This Council hereby express our strongest condemnation on these act of vandalism and attempt on silencing others. We, the people of Hong Kong, are no strangers to the attempts on silencing us. Just like on this date, 30 years ago, the Tiananmen Massacre, an act of viciousness took place in the land where its people slowly learned to repressed themselves to talk about it for decades. Even so, there will not be a day shall we ever be forgetting the history and silence ourselves forever, as well as giving up on defending our rights and our will to self-determination.Even with the banner destroyed, and personal safety threatened. None of these could possibly diminish our determination.
We hereby state that the university is a civilized land of academic freedom and the freedom of speech, and none of us shall ever be depriving others’ rights to express themselves. Hence, this kind of vandalism is evidently an attempt of silencing one another. There is no way that this Council would tolerate such actions.


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